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Welcome to VEM Tooling. We manufacture high precision and quality molds in China and Thailand. We have sales and engineering offices in the USA, Mexico, Germany and India. Our team is multinational consisting of German and American management and local engineers very familiar with the requirements of our international customers. We are ISO certified in both factories and TS certified in our Thailand facility.
  Benefits of Relying on VEM for Tool making in Asia ¡¡  Benefits of Tool making in China with VEM Ltd.

► High Tech Tool Shop that we own.
► Modern Japanese and Swiss Machines.
► Eliminates the language barrier
► Provides an interface between Western and Chinese mentality.
► Provides complete onsite project management.
► Ensures conformity to contracted quality standards and delivery schedules.
► Relies on local expertise and experience accumulated over several years.
► Chinese engineers who have received and continue to receive further technical training in Germany and in the U.S.

► Lower labor costs.
► Lower fixed costs.
► Longer working hours.
► Shorter project lead times.
► Greater flexibility and better value for money.

VEM Project Management&Tool making Approval Process
► Receive the purchase order + final 2D & 3D drawings .
► Approval of mold design with agreement on all details .
► Confirm purchase order and supply a CPP to the customer.
► Supply every customer weekly with an updated CPP.
► Supply frequent QCs steps during mold manufacturing.
► Supply sample parts to customer with FAIR and molding parameter data.
► Adjusts out-of-spec dimensions until all criteria are met.
► Tool modification according to the following procedures:
    1.Request to be sent with new index drawing and description of all changes.
    2.Quotation within 4 days to customer.
    3.After quotation approval customer receives a new CPP.
► Supply the customer with a CPK after tool approval.
► Checks all details and runs for 1 to 48 hours for customer¡¯s reference.

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