You have the idea and designs for a full project but do not know where to start?

Design and Manufacturing

First, VEM takes you through the process from the very beginning, with transparency and suited to your business’ individual needs.
We have creative and experienced designers who find the most appropriate and cost-effective solution. Then, our team of mold flow engineers provides you with fully detailed flow simulations. Take a look at the equipment in our global facilities.

Molding and Assembly

Molding your parts and finding ways to assemble them, including extensive testing to ensure quality, is nothing new to us! Together with our partners, we have successfully set up assembly lines and improved processes. Over 30 years we have successful projects and customers. Equally important, we had struggles and challenges to learn and master.  You can be sure, that all this expertise goes right into your project.

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plastic injection mold designer working

Creative and technical excellence

The combination of design and engineering expertise is fundamental to our ability to manufacture fit-for-purpose solutions.
Efficiency and high quality starts with the design process.
Therefore we have our international team of experts, to provide various points of view on challenges.

Besides that, it helps us to create solutions that involve thinking out of the box. Be ahead of your competition through innovation, with VEM.

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GF WEDM, wirecut machines

High-end and lean

Continuous improvement of our processes, from manufacturing to organization and management, is deeply rooted in VEM’s company culture.
Today’s industry is based on lean manufacturing and efficiency.
Regular meetups and brainstorming about our mold solutions includes everyone, from the shop floor to top management.

Our staff is experiencing highly modernized production systems and mold solutions within their international VEM knowledge exchange program.
Consequently, we can ensure to bring the highest standards to all facilities and learn from each other.

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clean room for medical production and assembly

Mass production made easy

To ensure an edge over your competitors, we offer the full package, mold solutions developed and managed by experts.

With our molding facility in Thailand, we can handle large mass productions and assembly lines.
In addition, a certified cleanroom allows us to produce and assemble sensitive medical parts.
Even sophisticated quality systems that require high-tech machinery are nothing new to us.
Once your parts get through our intensive quality control you can be sure of their quality and function.

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Don’t hesitate and get in contact with our experienced sales staff. It is exciting and rewarding to discuss and discover mold solutions together with our partners. For that reason, we have technical support staff on all continents to fully understand your requirements. Who can understand you better than a mold maker by trade with decades of experience?
Transparency is a value we place enormously high, you know exactly what the status of your project is, at any time.
Let us make your first experience with VEM amazing!