We provide the full spectrum.

We have creative and experienced designers who always find the most appropriate solution. Our team of mold flow engineers provides deeper insights with a flow analysis. Molding your parts and finding ways to assemble them, including extensive testing to ensure quality, is nothing new to us! We have successfully set up assembly lines and improved processes of our partners.

Creative and technical excellence

The combination of design and engineering expertise is fundamental to our ability to manufacture fit-for-purpose solutions.

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High-end and lean

Our processes allow us to provide competitive pricing and outstanding quality.

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Mass production made easy

We offer the full package. With our molding facility in Thailand we can handle large mass productions and assembly lines. Our certified clean room allows to produce and assemble sensitive medical parts.

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Global company with a local footprint

About the company

For years VEM has actively expanded to different continents.

We know the challenges that our partners face in today’s globalized world. To provide the best service imaginable and support our partners in every situation we need to be close to them. Currently we have our local footprint in Asia, America and Europe.

VEM China

Specialized on high-precision and high-quality molds requires high-end machines. VEM Shenzhen takes that challenge with state of the art Japanese and Swiss machines.

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VEM Thailand

Quality all round – controlled environment cleanrooms are just one example of our commitment to delivering the highest quality standards throughout our production facilities.

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VEM India

Heavy tools up to 6 tons are what we deal with daily. Sampling with injection tonnage of up to 550 tons can be done inhouse.

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VEM Mexico

Our new factory in Mexico delivers molding parts, tool correction and maintenance to all over North and South America.

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VEM Bulgaria

With our new factory in Bulgaria we cater the European market with high quality molds. The latest technologies and machines are available here, such as a 5-axis Hermle machining center.

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