2019 Nov VEM Newsletter

vem europe old factory
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Lily Zou

Sales Representative Asia

Dear Friends in the Plastics Industry,

the main topic in our current quarterly newsletter is to celebrate the opening of our youngest VEM plant in Europe in Bulgaria. Located in the Industrial City but also the European City of culture in 2019, Plovdiv, we are 1.5h by car from the capital Sofia with its international airport.

*Update 2021: We have moved to a bigger factory in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Now we are located closer to the center of Plovdiv and even closer to the international airport*


old vem europe factory

VEM has a 2,000sqm footprint in a brand new factory building and state of the art machines. The 5 Axis CNC Machine from HERMLE with a palette system is now fully operational! Also in our EDM and WEDM department we got some new machines, made in Switzerland.

vem europe edm
wire cutting in vem europe
vem europe cnc grinder

VEM Europe Team

Our Factory Manager Silvio is running a team with experts from 3 countries to serve our European and worldwide customers. 

vem europe general manager

Especially our American customers are starting to get interested in having VEM Europe as an alternative supplier, especially since the outcome of the US and China Trade war is nothing but certain and the reinstatement of the 25% import duties on molds from China into the USA might come again very soon (deadline Dec. 28th)

No problems with import duties from Bulgaria to the USA!

We are looking forward to serving our customers now from our new European factory!

starting team of vem europe

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