2021 Feb VEM Newsletter

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Picture of Lily Zou
Lily Zou

Sales Representative Asia

Dear Friends in the Plastics Industry,

More leading experts are predicting that Covid will soon be dramatically reduced and a lot of projects are in the pipeline. We are ready and have made many investments and improvements in our factories the last couple of months:

VEM Mexico now has ISO 9001

VEM Mexico has received their ISO 9001 certification and is working on the IATF 16949 for next summer. We have been awarded a lot of new projects and will be adding 4-8 new machines this year.

VEM Bulgaria's new injection machine

VEM Bulgaria moved to a bigger facility in Plovdiv and added more EDM and CNC machines as well as a spotting press. We also purchased our first injection machine for in-house mold testing. This new location is growing fast and we welcome you to come over and visit us. The new injection machine features the cover image of this quarter’s newsletter.

Welcome our new India factory manager

We are pleased to introduce a new Factory Manager, Ravindra Patil, who has major experience in the Toolmaking Industry. We also added new EDM equipment and are one of the big winners from the 25% Import Duties in the USA on Chinese Molds.

factory manager india

Cleanroom production attracts new medical device customer

VEM Thailand is doing a lot of medical plastics molding in our cleanroom. Certified with ISO 13485 we not only produce parts but also assemble and test them. We were very fortunate to gain 2 more large medical device customers from the USA. Seeing a lot of positive feedback and growth, we are ready to increase our cleanroom capacity with new incoming projects.

cleanroom medical manufacturing

New investment in high-end machinery in China

In 2020 we have purchased a new Makino High-speed mill (V33i) and 3 new GF (Charmilles) EDM machines with equipped tool changers. Despite the tough year, we are positive about the future and invest heavily in our machinery. With more automation and high precision machines, we were rewarded great projects.

makino v33i machine
GF EDM automation

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