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Manufacturing Electronic Components since 1998 & Trusted by fortune 500 companies

Manufacturing Electronic Connectors and Plastic Electrical Parts with diligence to be safe and durable

We support the electronics and electrical industry with end to end solutions in terms of manufacturing electronic connectors and electrical parts. This includes building molds, providing injection molding services, product assembly, and finally, packaging. 

VEM’s Electronics & Electrical Tooling Factory encompasses an extensive industry experience and we understand the manufacturing standards that need to be followed to ensure that the plastic parts that are developed are efficient, safe and durable. 

At VEM Tooling, we ensure to deliver high quality products at low lead times while keeping the manufacturing costs low. 

We develop protocols for validation, testing procedures and studies for process improvement to ensure that the standards are met. In addition, we also have a wide range of suppliers for specific components. In case, the customer needs specific components such as PCB Boards to assemble with their products.

VEM’s Electronics & Electrical Injection Molding Gallery

Product Development with High Precision

VEM Tooling has the expertise, technical knowledge and skill-set to build high precision components for sensitive electronics. We are experienced in developing and building small precision molds that can make products 20mm size upwards, with tightest tolerances. In addition, we are also experienced with insert and over-mouldings.

At VEM Tooling, we assist you with manufacturing electronics and electrical components across various stages and complexity levels. 

We help electronic leaders develop with high quality products that are optimized to deliver the best.

Expertise in an Array of Electronic Components

VEM Tooling has the experience and expertise to build in-house molds that are of high precision and sensitivity. 

Today, VEM Tooling has contributed to the development and mass production of various electronic and electrical components. These include but are not limited to: 

  • Control panels
  • Consumer electronics
  • Electronic Connectors 
  • Electronic enclosures 

Maintenance of IP

As a wholly owned American company, we thoroughly understand and acknowledge the importance of IP in the electronics industry. Thus, we have confidentiality agreements with all of our clients so that you are rest assured that your IP is protected with us.

In addition, we have established our design facilities and IT department to ensure that your proprietary is protected with us without having to rely on trust only.

Electronics Industry Regulations

All of our factories are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

ISO 9001:2015 certificate

Benefit from localization with a factory near you:

  • India
  • China

Simplify your Supply Chain with High Precision Molds

Electronic & Electrical manufacturing requires that every component and plastic part that is manufactured is of the highest quality, durable and without any compromise to the safety. 

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VEM Tooling is committed to providing our electronics and electrical industry leaders with the best manufacturing service. We always emphasize upon delivering a quality component that has met all the regulatory standards at a cost-effective price. 

We also ensure that our clients receive clear and timely communication. These are some of our core values at VEM.

To better understand how VEM Group serves the electrical and electronics industry, contact us or request a quote today. We are looking forward to becoming your trusted mold building, tooling supplier and injection molding partner.