3D Steel Printing in VEM Facilities

Over many years we have mastered the additive manufacturing process with SLM & DMLS printers.
Two of our facilities have 3D printing capabilities and we are happy to introduce them to you.



blt printer front



amace printer

What can we print for you

Our specialty lays in printing inserts with conformal cooling. This technique enables faster and better injection molding, as the cooling is more balanced and closer to the plastic area.


We have experienced the same reliability of 3D printed steel inserts compared to conventionally manufacturered inserts. With correct tool maintenance, you can expect your molds to run smoothly even beyond the guaranteed shot life.


After heat treatment we can achieve a hardness of HRC 48-52, depending on the steel.
The printed steel can be polished to A1 level (mirror finish). Additional surface coatings can be applied as well. If you are curious and want some more detailed information, please read our case study about 3D printed inserts.

Do you have inquiries?

Is there any metal part that you would like to have printed? Would you like to know more about how we can improve your molding performance with conformal cooling? Reach out to us!