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We explore and research various topics in regards to plastics manufacturing and tool making. If you like to learn more about this industry, check out our in-depth articles.

thermoplast and thermoset

Thermoplastics vs. Thermosets

Have you ever wondered what is the difference between those and how to utilize it for your project?

plastic part with sink mark

Sink Marks

Sinks marks are a common problematic occurence during injection molding, but there are ways to avoid it.

weld line on plastic part

Weld Lines

Weld lines can cause cosmetic or technical problems to a part. Take a look at the causes and solutions.

cleanroom assembly manufacturing

Clean Room Injection Molding

Clean room manufacturing and molding is a complicated topic, that is only for advances molders. Let's shine some light on it.

injection molding machine

Injection Molding for any Project

Do you want to use injection molding as your manufacturing solution? Then take a look.

pom chemical structure

POM in Injection Molding

POM, an engineering thermoplastic has a wide range or applications with it's specific properties.

pp chemical structure

PP in Injection Molding

PP, Polypropylene is a common and often used material in plastic product, check out the details.

plastic warpage phone case

Plastic Warpage

Mold defects are a common topic and especially plastic warpage can have a huge impact on the final part application.

overmolding part

Overmolding - all you need to know

Overmolding and insert molding are common techniques in injection molding. All you need to know about those is here!

ABS plastic monomers

ABS in Injection Molding

ABS is one of the most popular choices in Injection Molding, and there is a good reason for it.

proximity of mexico to usa

Manufacturing in Mexico - End to End

Finding suppliers in Mexico can be tough, but rewarding. Learn how to go about manufacturing in Mexico with this End to End guide.

die spotting in tooling industry

Die Spotting in the Tooling Industry

Die spotting is a process that improves quality and reduces costs when building molds, yet it is not often talked about.

3d printed molding insert

3D printed Inserts for Injection Molding

3D steel printing can significantly lower cycle times in plastic manufacturing. Learn more about its process, quality, reliability and some real case examples.

medical device transfer

Case Study: Medical Device Manufacturing Transfer

Transferring your existing production into another country can be frightening. We have done it successfully and invite you to read about our journey.

manufacturing in thailand

Manufacturing in Thailand

The manufacturing scene in Thailand has been stable and popular for decades. Find out why we decided to have one of our main productions in Thailand.