Your Reliable Injection Molding Partner for Durable Plastic Consumer Goods Manufacturing

Simplifying & Strengthening your supply chain by delivering high quality plastic consumer goods since 1998.

A Reliable partner of Plastic Consumer Goods Manufacturing so that you can grow your SKUS

We are one of the leading consumer goods manufacturing companies that offers low manufacturing costs with quick turnaround times. 

We strengthen the supply chain for Plastic Consumer Goods Manufacturing companies with end to end solutions. This ranges from providing supplementing product design with inputs, building molds & providing injection molding services.

Our goal as your Plastic Consumer Goods Manufacturing partner is to strengthen and simplify your supply chain so that you can grow your SKUS.

VEM’s Plastic Consumer Goods Manufacturing

Wide array of Plastic Consumer Goods Portfolio

VEM Tooling has the expertise, skill-set and technical knowledge to assist you with the development and mass-production of various plastic consumer goods. 

Today, VEM Tooling has contributed to the development and mass production of a wide array of plastic consumer goods that include but are not limited to: 

  • Convenience Goods
  • Personal hygiene
  • Travel accessories
  • Cosmetics and Skincare 
  • Furniture
  • Toys and Games 
  • Houseware Goods 

Improved Efficiency with In-house Molds

We build in-house molds for manufacturing plastic consumer goods. This gives us complete control over steel quality, components, assembly and mold testing.

At VEM Tooling, we ensure that our clients receive high quality consumer goods & we deliver this, by improving efficiency with in-house molds. Our molds run smooth and are optimized on part quality and cycle time. It allows you to enjoy seamless production with no issues, once it is set up.

VEM believes in fast and direct communication which leads to a smooth manufacturing process.

Ensuring Quality with Fast Lead Times

Our mold design, engineering and manufacturing team follows rigorous standards and we ensure that we deliver plastic consumer goods that are durable & of high quality. 

At VEM, we focus on streamlining processes to create in-house molds which enables us to keep an edge on competitors in terms of lead-time. Questions about how to work with injection molders?

Consumer Industry Regulations

All of our factories are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

ISO 9001:2015 certificate

Benefit from localization with a factory near you:

  • Thailand
  • Mexico
  • India
  • Bulgaria
  • China

Consumer Goods Prototyping At VEM

VEM Tooling has an in-house tool making facility and prototyping at VEM is the fastest way to establish proof of concept. 

Prototyping enables us to develop plastic parts quickly so that you can test the products with the consumers and receive feedback to incorporate it in the final product. Prototyping at VEM Tooling validates demand, assembly and functions which sets the foundation for a successful mass production.

Contact Us for Plastic Consumer Goods Manufacturing

VEM Tooling is committed to streamlining the supply chain for our plastic consumer goods manufacturing clients so that they receive a high quality product. We also believe in clear and timely communication. These are some of the core values here, at VEM. 

To better understand how VEM Group serves the consumer goods manufacturing industry contact us or request a quote today. We are looking forward to becoming your trusted tooling supplier and injection molding partner.