Injection mold making is all about service

injection mold making is what brought us where we are now. Up to the present time, we focus on customer satisfaction as our number one priority. Now that we have established our name in injection tool making, we expand our expertise to other countries and continents.

Within the last 15 years, we have opened plastic manufacturing companies and tool shops in 5 countries. In the long run, our vision is to not only provide all-in-one solutions all over the globe but to keep shining with our quality and service. For this reason, we value our customer partnerships over everything.

Custom injection mold making

We know the ins and outs of plastic injection molds. So far we have successfully designed, build, and tested over 8000 molds.

Plastic manufacturing

Plastic injection molding with tools we build in-house is our specialty.  Coupled with around 35 injection machines are capable of running large productions. Not to mention the flexibility of our main molding facilities in Thailand, Mexico, and Bulgaria.

Assembly lines & manufacturing solutions

Not only can we produce large amounts of plastic parts. Also, we can utilize the large supplier network that we have built over the years to buy other components. Eventually bringing all parts together in the most efficient and cost-effective way. Even though ensuring consistent quality and documentation.

In addition, we provide a certified cleanroom facility that enables us to set up sensitive medical assembly lines.

More about our locations

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How about looking into more detailed information? We love transparency with our machines, certificates, reference customers, and management. Download our company brochure for more!

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Clients & partner in Injection Mold Making

Medical-, automotive- and consumer industry – we have long-lasting relationships with our international partners.
Your success is what matters to us. Furthermore, we enjoy working with ambitious companies and master complex challenges.
There are no limitations.

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With our factories we are represented on every continent.

Tool shop & plastic manufacturing locations

Our factories around the world are lead by experts in their field. VEM’s International exchange and learning programs help our toolmakers to learn from each other, grow and overcome cultural differences.

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Sales offices

We love to meet our partners in person. That is why we have an extensive network of salespeople on every continent. No matter where you stay, we are near you and happy to assist you in every aspect. Now that Covid-19 is changing the business environment globally, we set up an IT structure to allow meetings, visits and even remote audits.

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