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Vacuum Voids

Injection Molding Defects: Vacuum Voids Injection molding is an efficient manufacturing process but there are various variables that can lead to a visible blemish or
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TPR Injection Molding

Thermoplastic Rubber Injection Molding TPR, abbreviated for Thermoplastic Rubber, is a category of copolymer materials and has the characteristics of both rubber and plastic. Thermoplastic
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TPE Injection Molding

Thermoplastic Elastomer Injection Molding Thermoplastic Elastomer, as the name suggests is a combination of both, thermoplastics and elastomers. TPEs are a mix of plastics and
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Thermoset Plastics

Thermoset Plastics Thermosets demonstrate outstanding mechanical and physical properties, especially in high-temperature operating conditions which is why they have an array of applications in areas
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Thermoplastics vs. Thermosets

Thermoplastics Vs. Thermosets Thermoplastics and thermosets are widely used in injection molding – They are two separate classes of polymers with distinct properties and characteristics.
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